The Current Situation

I’m barely aware of foreign matters, and as such, didn’t know the importance of the invasion of Georgia until I read this. But then that got me thinking of how darned fun it all sounded. Secretly gathering a coalition of states who separately don’t even like each other and forming them with funds piped in secretly into an envelope that Russia simply cannot penetrate, and if Russia gives us crap, scare them a bit. Because of our plan, perfectly executed in secret, there’s nothing that they can do to us. Let Russia enact her death throes in isolation, and she ceases to be a world power, then we pull out, silently and smoothly as we snuck in, and go back to our regular internal squabbles about so many pointless things.

Was it Tommy Franks who admitted to war being fun? Some stodgy guy before him tried to make it into a pithy maxim, but it never sounded right to me, and hence I forgot it. Thing is that this is exactly why video games about war always sell it so well: war is a battle of wits where the stakes couldn’t be higher, and if you take away all of the horror that war comprises, even the inept can take part in the glory and the intrigue of keeping the world at peace for another day.


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