Good stuff, Parish, though I’d like to go off on a tangent here. In the fifth article, he mentions Moon Patrol and BC’s Quest for tires as platformers. It’s funny, I’d never thought of them that way before. I found out about Moon Patrol well after its expiration date, and I tend to think of it as “that really frustrating shooter where you die a lot and have to jump,” but BC’s Quest for Tires… I played that one extensively from ages four to six, and it’s weird thinking of it in the same category as Super Mario Bros. SMB’s physics made it feel totally different. Even without all of the fancy words (like “physics”) that we use today, SMB was in a class all its own, and it wasn’t just that, but how completely mundane BCQfT’s world was. Do you know what BCQfT’s primary enemy was? A hole. Super Upgraded Scary Enemy? A hole with a rock in it. And sometimes, you’d go up a hill (which you never did in SMB. Take that, Nintendo!), and the rocks would be MOBILE!*

I wouldn’t encounter the syndicated comic for some years after (’95-’96), and then I’d notice what a darned odd license for a video game BC was.

Also, back in Australia in 1983, they didn’t have the advantage of the one great axiom of side-scrolling video games: autoscrolling sucks.

*And on a completely different tangent, the first pun that I remember involved my mother and my aunt, minutes from going to a concert, and me going up a hill in BCQfT, and mentioning all the rolling stones coming at me, and she quipped, “No, we’re going to see the Beatles!” That Mom, what a joker.


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