Random thought

Isn’t it funny how salamanders have changed over the years? One day you’re a little slimy and the next you’re some kind of anthropomorphic burning snake. As far as I can tell, this is almost purely a Dungeons and Dragons/high fantasy idea. Hercules didn’t fight one of these things, nor did Thor, nor Indra, nor, um, Coyote? The idea actually comes from European folklore, wherein salamanders were thought to be fireproof.

To be fair, salamanders did have an alarming tendency to jump out of lit fires. Whereas any other critter napping in your firewood would maybe squeal a little before dying, a salamander’s wet, amphibian skin gave it the second or two to wake up and jump out when it got too hot, and to somebody without thorough indoctrination in a categorical science, why the heck shouldn’t some animals be fireproof? I like this idea! No big, spiky, ugly, evil, mean, plotting noble salamanders (usually evil (any)) for me, just laid-back little multicolored dudes who could, I don’t know, run into burning buildings and assist firemen. Wouldn’t that be cool?


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