I’m on my third or fourth trip through the archives of The Book of Ratings, when suddenly I noticed something odd: there’s no tower ad anymore. This is the opposite of the usual occurrence for  website that hasn’t been updated in years. Compare it to Seanbaby.com, once the premier source of humor revolving around robots and vaginas, which stopped updating in 2002 (and has apparently started and stopped again while I wasn’t looking), and only a couple of months later was up to your eyeballs in porn ads of the quality and luridity that one associates with warez sites just to keep afloat what had become nothing more than a very loud and very eye-searing archive of Mega Man sprite hacks and affably chauvinistic Nintendo reviews. Maybe Mr. Lore just got sick of ads one day and took them down. Maybe he’s in better financial condition than he once was. Maybe Google abandoned him due to a series of unfortunate events involving “invalid clicks” like poor O.  Weird. Eerie. B


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