Allied Pride

The Alliance is like America: we’re awesome, we know it, we don’t need anybody telling us, and nobody can tell us different. Of course, what all of this non-talking means in the long run is that it’s not hard to forget just how awesome we really are, until something like this comes along and just warms the cockles. Sure, it’s old news for most WoW junkies at this point, but it’s still notable that that rogue just tanked for a Gruul 5-man.

And for those of you whom that sentence completely lost, allow me to add some meaning. This guy is like if the Incredible Hulk had a baby with a grizzly bear. Deathwing, the most abominably powerful creature in all of Azeroth, a dragon who might as well be a god, undying as the earth itself, came to Gruul’s world to escape the competition from the other four dragon demigods of Azeroth with a bunch of chickies and spawned a few hundred eggs, expecting no competition on this world completely devoid of draconic demigods, and Gruul just ignored him, not being much of a planner himself. Then the dragons grew up, and he got mad, so he started breaking their backs over his knee and impaling them on the mountains. (that’s my priestie. ^_^)

In mechanical terms, the fight is known as as “DPS race,” effectively, you have to do an utterly overwhelming amount of damage in a very short time, because Gruul will grow every thirty seconds, hitting harde3r every time, and after about 17 growths, the mightiest of tanks–people who have made careers of being struck repeatedly by fists the size of themselves–will crumple under a single blow. The damage per second of the group has to be 6666.7 for the whole raid, and that’s a somewhat heroic feat for 25 people (with two absorbing damage because that mofo can hit two guys at once and three guys healing damage because, as I just said, he hits hard). And this rogue managed effectively to break the fight, nearly turning it into a “tank-and-spank” by dodging so hard that even when Gruul had grown to the point where he was too big to fit in the cavern, he still couldn’t hit her, and she had the honor of being the one to find out that Gruul stops at 30 growths.

So I salute these four fair and stalwart warriors, crazy naked man, and dire laser turkey, for their efforts in proving Just How Much We Rule.

The Alliance: Actions, Not Words.


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