Oh hai(2)

It’s my glorious return to the Internet! It’s nice to have a place to call home again. This would be my first blog, though I did at one time maintain what they used to call a website back in late 1999/early 2000, and well, things have certainly gotten more complicated in the intervening years, but also more functional, more interesting, and more entertaining. It’s been a guiding principle for me for a while (though I’ve only recently put it into words, and I’ve never actually said it before) that the future is better than the past: we get to embrace new things, retry failed attempts, and still hold on to what made the past so great–the principles, not the trappings.  It’s my aim with this blog to entertain–myself, primarily, and also you, the reader–and I’m certain that most people will tell you of their “quirky perspective,” or “unique point-of-view,” or–heaven forbid–they use something with the word skewed in it, but I’ve found through long trial-and-error that I really don’t think like anybody I know (it makes me terrible at Zelda games, and good and making ridiculously long sentences [my best on record is 116 words]) and it freaks me out a bit when I find someone who does, as they tend to be weirdos, freaks, or just plain maladjusted. So, visitor, stay a while… stay FOREVER! (I also like making obscure video game refereneces!)


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